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Getting started

A login is provided to members of the group when joining, and you must be logged in to edit pages. If you forget your password just ask for a new password through Mike, as the server isn't configured to send emails.

Adding a page

Like most wiki platforms, to add a page simply visit the page address and click 'Create this page' using the tools on the right of the page. Make sure when creating a page that it does not exist already under a different name.

Namespaces are like folders where pages are stored. This is a way of organising pages into categories to avoid duplications. For example, all NPCs (non playable characters) are saved in the npcs namespace. This means all new NPCs should be created there. Please just ask if you are unsure where to create a page.

Adding/Editing your character

Playable characters are stored under the character namespace. You can see all the existing playable characters here /characters: To add your character (spaces are fine) visit: name

Then click create/edit this page using the tools on the right of the page. If you are adding a character for the first time, you will see a template which will help you in the process. Remember other party members will read about your character here, so include as much background information as you like - be creative.

Once your character has been approved by the DM, and saved on the wiki you are ready for playing!

Equipment for play

Here is a short list of things normally needed to play D&D. If it's your first session you don't need to bring anything – we have you covered. In future you might want to consider picking up a few things to keep yourself organised.

  1. 5th Edition Character Sheet
  2. Pencil & Eraser
  3. Dice set (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20)
  4. Small Notepad
  5. 5th Edition Player's Handbook

Having your own copy of the Player's Handbook is important for maintaining the flow of a game. You can easily find copies online without buying if you prefer to do this. One thing which can slow a game down is when someone levels up, and needs time for selecting new spells or abilities. Having a short plan for when you level up can make a big difference.

With character sheets, we tend to use MPMB's sheets because they have more space to write.

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